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MOT Northampton

MOT Northampton

For an MOT in Northampton at the leading local garage, there’s just one place you need – Roade Main Garage.

We MOT cars, 4×4’s, small vans, and larger vehicles up to 3500kg (Classes 4 & 7). So if you have a motorhome or horse box, we’ve got you covered.

Since the 1960s, we’ve been supporting the people of Northampton, Roade, Towcester and Blisworth in keeping them safe on the roads. Using only the most advanced equipment with one of the most highly trained teams in the area, Roade Main Garage is the premium MOT Test Centre in Northampton.

MOT Northampton

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Why Roade Garage?

With an MOT you need to be sure you’re getting 100% reliability.

That’s why the people of Northampton and Towcester choose Roade Main Garage. Honesty, trustworthiness, reliability and friendliness are cornerstones of our business

At Roade Main Garage you’re guaranteed the best.

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What’s an MOT?

An MOT is your car’s annual health check. It dictates whether your vehicle meets roadworthiness and minimum standards.

All cars over 3 years old must have an MOT. If yours doesn’t, you face invalid insurance and a £1000 fine.

MOT Northampton

Is mine due?

It could be. Your MOT is due once a year. If you’re unsure give us a call and we’ll tell you when it’s due.

Once you’ve visited our MOT Test Centre in Northampton, you’ll be notified 4 weeks before you’re next due. This way you’ll never have to worry about forgetting.

Is there a disadvantage to booking early?

No, not at all. We would actually recommend getting your MOT booked in early, as it’s another thing off your mind. We can MOT your vehicle one calendar month before the due date without you losing time from the certificate.

MOT Northampton

How quickly can you get me in?

We know how busy our customers are and that’s why we offer a range of convenient opening hours – including Saturdays.

We will always try to accommodate your test at a time which is convenient for you. Please call us to arrange a date for your MOT. We’re open:

Mon – Thur: 8:00am – 5:30pm | Fri: 8.00am – 4.30pm

Saturday – 8.00am – 12.30pm

Roade Main Garage Northampton

Book Your MOT in Northampton

If you need an MOT in Northampton then get in touch. We’re here to help.

Keeping your car in tiptop condition

Your MOT doesn’t check whether your car is running at its peak.

It just checks if it meets certain minimum standards. That’s why you should be having a regular car service every year too.

A car service ensures your car is safe on the roads, drives how the manufacturer intended and reduces the chance of large repair bills.

Servicing Northampton
MOT Northampton

Can you do any work straight away?

Sure. That’s always our goal.

If your car needs work to get its certificate, we’ll provide a quote for any work required, and as soon as we have your permission we’ll get the work done. We can usually do it straight away.

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Can I wait?

If you would like to wait while we MOT your car, why not make the most of our air conditioned waiting area.

We provide a range of complementary hot and cold drinks in our comfortable waiting area, with a viewing gallery.

Keeping you informed

At Roade Main Garage, you’ll always be kept up to date with what’s going on with your vehicle. Our philosophy is about absolute transparency. You’ll never be caught out with hidden fees.

After your initial vehicle assessment, we’ll discuss with you any potential repairs your car may need before we can issue your MOT.  You’ll always have complete control.

Roade Main Garage Northampton

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We've got you covered

Roade Main Garage are here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. We’re here to help.