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Air Conditioning Northampton

Want an unbeatable air conditioning service in Northampton? Roade Main Garage is the place for you. 

Did you know that your air con does more than just cool you down? Many people don’t. Your air conditioning is used all year round – it ventilates your whole car and it removes the moisture from the air, which means fewer misty windscreens.

Rest assured, as Northampton’s leading car air conditioning experts, we work on all air con systems and gases.

So, if your car air conditioning isn’t regulating temperature, removing moisture or is starting to smell, come and see us. We’ll sort it out for you.

Air Conditioning Northampton

Why Roade Main Garage for air con in Northampton?

The Hemming Family of Roade Main Garage has been caring for the cars of Northampton and Towcester since the 1960s. Using only premium parts, the most advanced tooling and highly trained technicians, we make sure your vehicle is running at its peak.

If you need help with your air con in Northampton, call us.  

Roade Main Garage
Air Conditioning Northampton

Why does my air con blow warm air?

Your car is blowing warm air because you’ve got an issue. Sure, it might still be working. But, whether it’s low refrigerant or something more serious like a broken compressor, you’ve got a problem that needs addressing. 

Come and see us for air conditioning in Northampton.

Air Conditioning Northampton

What’s an air con regas? 

Over time your air con unit loses refrigerant naturally. Refrigerant is what helps your air con cool the air. So, during a regas, we replace the lost refrigerant to keep your system working as it should.

The best value air con regas in Northampton is at Roade Main Garage. So give us a call today.

How much does a regas/service cost?

Prices vary for both. Please call us to get a quote.

What’s an air con service?

If your vehicle isn’t controlling temperature, removing moisture or is creating an unpleasant smell it may be time to have your air conditioning serviced.

A Roade Main Garage air conditioning (air con) service in Northampton is a thorough inspection of your air con system.

We test for leaks and examine each component to make sure it’s working exactly as it should. And, if we find they aren’t, we maintain them to make sure they are.

Air Conditioning Northampton

Will you check my air con for free?

Of course. We offer a free air conditioning efficiency check to make sure everything is running properly.

If we discover anything we’d recommend needs fixing, we’ll let you know.

Air Conditioning Northampton

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