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Cam Belts

Camshaft Timing Belts.

The camshaft timing belt or cam belt, is one of the most important serviceable parts on your car and often the most over looked. The replacement interval is set by the vehicle manufacture and is based on time and mileage. It’s important that the timing belt/cam belt is changed within the recommended mileage or time. If you are unsure when your cam belt is due for replacement, then simply give us a call and we will be able to tell you straight away over the phone.
We will always quote you on a timing belt kit, which will consist of the timing belt, belt tensioner and usually the idler pulley.
Cam belt failure or a snapped timing belt will in most cases result in extensive damage to the engine, with repair bills often in the thousands of pounds.
At Roade Main Garage we have many years’ experience with timing belts and have all the necessary specialist tools to carry out timing belt replacements on today’s modern vehicles.
If your cam belt has already failed, then please do give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with any repairs.
The most important thing to remember about your timing belt is the time it should be replaced.
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