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Air Conditioning
We service vehicles with both gas types R134a & R1234yf gas

 Air Conditioning

Most car manufactures recommend your air conditioning system is serviced every 2 years. Your air conditioning system is not checked as part of your MOT or regular servicing, but just like the rest of your car it requires regular maintenance to keep it performing at its best.

The benefits of a working air conditioning system.

Air conditioning is perfect for providing in car comfort during the summer months, but this isn’t its only benefit.
Using your air conditioning is also the best way to de-mist your windscreen in the winter months. Air con systems create dry air rather than the humid air from outside which can clear your windscreen much quicker than the regular blower.

What we offer

Air Con Re-gas
Air con servicing
Leak detection
Fault finding
R134a & R1234yf gas

Why has my air con stopped working?

The most common cause for an air conditioning system to stop working is no gas in the system, but it’s by no means the only cause. There are many components that make up a functioning air con system that can also fail. We can test & repair your complete Air Conditioning System.

Do all cars have the same type of gas in them?

No, there are 3 different gas types in cars today
R-12 was used for pre 1995 vehicles
Cars from 1995 use R134a refrigerant (Gas)
From 2014 new models being produced use R1234yf and all cars produced from 2017 must use the R1234yf gas

If there is no gas in the system, then where has it gone?

 Gas will naturally deplete over time, but we see many cars come to us that have been re-gassed in the last 12 months or even less but have stopped working again. This is often a leak was not identified prior to being re-gassed. This is not only a waste of time and money for the customer but also very damaging to the environment.
We pressure test a system before filling it with new gas as a vacuum test commonly used with air con machines will not show up most leaks.
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