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Gearboxes Northampton

Clutches & Gearboxes Northampton

When it comes to clutches and gearboxes in Northampton, you won’t find a better service than ours. 

Our highly trained team has the experience and expertise to deliver a first-time fix, whether you drive a manual, semi-automatic or automatic gearbox. Plus, we only use premium parts.

So if you need your clutch replaced or gearbox serviced, you can be 100% certain you’re getting quality. 

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Gearboxes Northampton

Why Roade Main Garage for clutches and gearboxes? 

We’re a leading independent garage for clutches and gearboxes in the Northampton, Roade and Towcester areas. 

For over 50 years we’ve made sure our local communities are safe on the roads. Our honest service and excellent work has given us a reputation as the most reliable garage for clutches and gearboxes in Northampton. 

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How do I know if I have a clutch or gearbox problem?

How do I know if I have a clutch or gearbox problem?

Most clutches have a serviceable life of 80 – 100,000 miles. If yours is approaching that mileage, it’s time to get it serviced. There are other red flags that indicate you need a check, including strange noises while in neutral, a grinding sensation when you push your pedal or change gears, or a burnt smell coming from under the bonnet. 

If something feels different about your gearbox, it is definitely worth getting it looked at. The oil in a gearbox becomes less effective over time, just like the oil in your engine. Keeping your gearbox serviced will prolong the life of your vehicle. 

Rest assured we have the expertise and equipment at Roade Main Garage to keep your gearbox and transmission in tip top condition.

Contact our garage today for a Northampton gearbox service you can trust.  

gearbox northampton

How much does it cost to fix a clutch or gearbox fault?

We’ll need a few details before we can give you a price. Give us a call and one of our friendly team will help you. 

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