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Exhausts Northampton

Exhausts Northampton

Looking for a top-quality service for exhausts in Northampton? You’ve come to the right place.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you suspect there’s something wrong with your exhaust. Left alone, small exhaust issues lead to much bigger problems. By catching and fixing them early, you save a small fortune in repair costs.

So, if you’re looking for a car exhaust repair in Northampton at an affordable price, get in touch today.

Exhausts Northampton

Why Roade Main Garage for your Northampton exhaust service?

As a premium, independent service centre, we’re one of the best garages for exhausts in Northampton.

Our skilled technicians know exactly what to do to keep you safe on the road. And, we only stock high-quality parts and use first-rate equipment. So you can rest assured you’ll leave with your exhaust in excellent condition. 

Roade Main Garage
Exhausts Northampton

Is your exhaust rattling? 

A rattling exhaust is normally due to the brackets that hold your exhaust system in place becoming loose or badly corroded.

Dealt with early, it’s an easy and inexpensive fix. If you’re hearing an unpleasant rattling sound, book in for your Northampton exhaust service today.

Exhausts Northampton

Failed an emissions test?

Failed emissions tests come as a surprise to most drivers. If you’ve failed yours, don’t panic.

Whatever the cause is, our team of talented technicians have the skills and equipment to fix the issue and get you back on the road.

How much does a new exhaust cost?

Prices vary depending on the make and model of your car, as well as the type of exhaust system you want. Give us a call and we’ll give you a quote.

How do I know if I’ve got an exhaust issue?

Certain exhaust problems are hard to spot and need an expert eye to be detected. But most of the time there are clear warning signs that something’s not right. Ignoring these signs only means a larger repair bill. So, come and see us if you’ve noticed any of the following:

– Overly noisy engine
– Decreased power and acceleration
– Lower fuel economy
– Hissing, roaring or other strange noises
– Vibrations

Exhausts Northampton

My catalyst has failed. Can you help?

Catalyst converters tend to last around 10 years, so if yours is getting to that age it might have reached the end of its life and need replacing. 

However, during its lifespan, your catalyst converter can experience problems. Whether that’s contamination, clogging, overheating or physical damage, it’s important you visit Roade Main Garage to get your catalyst looked at ASAP.

Exhausts Northampton


You may not know what a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is, but if you drive a diesel vehicle it plays a crucial role in how your vehicle performs.

Your DPF’s job is to trap soot from the exhaust gas. However, they sometimes get blocked. 

If your DPF light has lit up, simply bring your vehicle to Roade Main Garage and we’ll fix the issue for you.

Exhausts Northampton

Some of Our Customer Feedback

  • Alexander

    19th April 2024

    First visit to Roade main garage for a brake fluid change, and I have been very impressed with the customer care, quality of work and the facilities. A lot of main dealer could learn a thing or two. Would recommend to fellow Mini owners to use them. Additionally they are very competitively priced to a Mini dealer and have the OE equipment for service history. Looking forward to my next visit.... Read More

  • Marie L

    28th March 2024

    First class customer service from start to finish. Very friendly , honest and efficient. The repairs were done up to a high standard and reasonably priced. We are so lucky to have a reliable and trustworthy garage in the village. Thank you Roade Main Garage

  • Michael quinn

    10th November 2023


  • Phillip Read

    10th November 2023

    Used road main garage to diagnose an oil leak on my land rover Freelander. Everybody I spoke to was very informative and helpful. They took the time to explain the fault and give me options that were in my best interest rather than most garages trying to just get your money! They have alot of knowledge when it comes to Landrovers and are very honest. Will be using again in the future

  • C

    4th August 2023

    honestly the best experience i have EVER had at a garage.
    being a woman, it is quite daunting going to a “predominantly male” place however i was greeted with some of the most lovely people. they explained everything simply and didn’t make me feel inferior for not understanding specifics- they managed to get me in quickly and did a full safety check on my car before discussing the... Read More

  • A Dunmur

    14th July 2023

    Roade Main Garage are outstanding in their customer service, knowledge and respect for your vehicle. If they have noted that extra work is needed or have identified an area of the vehicle to keep an eye on, they will always email, phone and discuss the options before going ahead with any additional works.
    We have used this garage many times now for several vehicles and can highly... Read More

  • mer hj

    16th June 2023

    I'd just like to give a mention to Roade Main Garage . The service I received was absolutely fantastic. My car was in and fixed within a couple of days.
    The gentleman I dealt with Chris, bent over backwards to assist me and I can't thank him enough. What could have been a very stressful situation was made good by Chris. They helped me out with a payment plan which has taken a massive... Read More

  • Rachael Davies

    23rd May 2023

    This is my chosen garage, it has been that way for over 10 years and it’s because I trust them
    They are helpful, professional, kind, and act with moral integrity
    I always feel reassured that they have covered everything and they take time to talk things through with you and address concerns
    Fantastic service every time and absolutely lovely staff who care about their... Read More

  • James Ruse

    9th January 2023

  • Bogdan Wojnarowski

    28th July 2022

    Professional service. Professional advice. Specific.

  • Scott Wade

    16th July 2022

    First time I have used this garage and very impressed- Excellent service.

  • Viplaw Josalkar

    6th June 2022

    Exceptional Service! Can’t thank them enough today for my last minute MOT booking and detailed guidance on service needs.

    Waiting area for customers neatly maintained. Hygienic and relaxing. Staff are always smiling and friendly.

    Booked major service for my BMW straight away.

  • Marie Cotton

    12th April 2022

    Really impressed with this garage. Having been messed about alot in the past and having problematic cars I 100% feel I can trust this garage. The service was excellent and efficient along with great customer service from Dana on reception. It is a little pricey compared to others I have used but service and trust is second to none aswell as offering a payment plan. Will definitely be... Read More

  • John Cruickshank

    11th May 2021

    Roade Main Garage is an excellent car garage who we have used for over 7 years.

    The colleagues that work there are always incredibly courteous and take time to talk through anything you would like them to look into.

    We have used this garage multiple times for anything from when we have broken down through to car services. They’ve really helped us out at short notice and offer... Read More

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