We fit all braking components to all cars 

                                  BREAKE PADS                  WHEEL CYLINDERS 

                                  BRAKE DISCS                   BRAKE PIPES

                                  BRAKE SHOES                  ABS UNITS

                                  BRAKE CALIPERS              ELECTRONIC PARKING BRAKES

We diagnose a repair problems with all braking components from simple brake discs and pads, through to more complex problems with electronic parking brakes, traction control and ABS systems.

We see many common faults with ABS, Traction control and electronic parking brake modules, from manufactures such as;

                                  LAND ROVER                           SEAT Brakes

                                  VOLKSWAGEN                         RENAULT

                                  AUDI                                          PEUGEOT

                                  SKODA                                        SUZUKI

                                  And many more .

 We can often repair ABS units and electronic parking brake units saving you hundreds of pounds on replacement costs.

 We will always match any like for like quote on braking components. 

Brake checks are vital to your car’s reliability and safety; we recommend that your brakes are checked on a regular basis.

Don’t just rely on your brakes being checked when your car is MOT'd as an MOT test will only check your brake efficiency on that day and is not an in-depth brake check.

You should also be aware of any tell-tale signs that your brakes are in need of some attention; these can include but aren’t limited to;

Regular brake checks can help to avoid many of these common problems and often save you money and maintain your cars safety.

If you are unsure of the condition of your brakes, please contact us today to book an appointment. We will always advise you of any work needing to be done and give you a fixed price before any work is carried out.