• Has your air con stopped working?

  • Is it starting to smell?

  • Is it making strange noises when switched on?

  • Did you have it re gassed last year but it has stopped working again this year?


At Roade Main Garage we can help with any of these problems plus many more Air conditioning related faults.

Air con re gas

Full air con service

Leak detection covering the smallest of leaks

An air con re gas will remove old gas from the system, apply a vacuum to the system to remove any moisture that can cause damage to working components and refill with new gas and oil to lubricate components such as the compressor.

A full air con service we will re gas the system as above, check the condition of the drive belts, replace the pollen filter and apply a cleaning system and deodoriser to the ventilation to remove any bacteria that can cause bad smells and be harmful to your health.

For leak detection we use a unique trace gas that is safe to the environment and will pick up even the smallest of leaks.

If your air con system does have a leak or a fault we will give you an accurate quote for any repairs.